Tin Ceiling Tiles + Plexi = Backsplash Art

Tin ceiling panels / tiles are one of my favourite elements in century homes. I die when they are used for a backsplash material. In our very first house, 15 years ago,  I used a wallpaper that looked like tin tile as a backsplash above the existing single row of tile ( I even "rub n' buffed" it so that it had a vintage patina, remember that stuff?!) until I could install the real thing... You know what? It wasn't terrible!

The problem with using this vintage gorgeousness, or anything with a texture for that matter, as a backsplash is that they are not so fun to clean. I'm not sure about you, but I am a bit of a countertop/backsplash germaphobe, both get wiped down thoroughly after cooking.

This is why this photo caught my eye on Pinterest this morning - painted tin tile presented in a grid pattern to the ceiling for a very cool modern take, and the best best part - it's had a layer of plexi or glass layered in front, so that it is completely protected!! Genius. this would take seconds to clean, and having that layer almost gives it art feel, no? It's like we've framed out these beautiful tiles and placed them there for display. I'm in love. In love.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, friends! x am

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Best Friends : Autumn & Tartan (and plaid, and buffalo check!)

It's been chilly here. Had to turn on the furnace chilly. That means jeans and sweaters and jackets have been pulled out, and we've begun to add layers around the house - specifically blankets!

All this cozy makes a girl begin to appreciate autumn, and with autumn comes tartan, right? Whose with me?

Btw have you ever wondered what the difference between tartan and plaid is? 
Maybe it's just me, lol.. but I looked it up…
according to Wikipedia (the absolute authority, right?) 

"Tartan is often called plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder as a kilt accessory, or a plain ordinary blanket such as one would have on a bed"

and there you have it, your most burning questions answered here :)

So this is not by any means a fashion blog,
but I've def got my eye one a few things for the wardrobe as well as the house…

A skinny plaid shirt to tuck in under a sweater, 
and in my dream shopping cart, a plaid suit, worn so well.

The bottom photo is what started it all. Damn you, pinterest!
I passed on a sweater like the top right one and am still regretting it.

Early fall outfits

Late fall outfits
(or maybe early fall, if you live near me!)

1 2 3 4 5 6 

Since I'm blogging from canada, I'm going to say that buffalo check counts as plaid, 
because they are inseparable here - Canadians being lumberjacks and all ;) 
That Kate spade bag is the cutest. THE cutest.  
Of course a shirt from Aritzia is on the list. Enter store = budget blown!

The scarves are from  H&M,  Roots,  Scotch and Soda  and  Ebay.
Yes ebay - that last one is a not a great photo but is much more vibrant up close,
 and is also available in a pattern close to Black Watch.
 Cost : $11.00. Really. 

The slipon's are from Target, and I bought them in the leopard as well, not going to lie! 
Those yummy Hunter boots are available at Marshall's right now… really trying to stay away, sort of…

Any plaid items tickling your fancy? Maybe you are lucky enough to still be living with sunshine…

I'll move onto plaid items for the home later in the week - must get to work! Three consults on the go - x am

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10 Minute Large Canvas Art DIY

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)  Hockey madness has begun here - with two kids playing and a third swimming competitively, we are officially outgunned, lol.

What about that title? Sounds impossible, right? Well, what if you thought of your art as a place to simply add a bold splash of colour, and painted out a huge canvas in a solid shade? That's exactly what this is - a canvas painted out black, as found on Rue. It becomes part of the composition, grounds the whole wall, and functions as decor. Almost like colour-blocking a wall, but so much less permanent, and really, you could change this with the seasons if you wanted - a deep merlot for winter, a beautiful azure for summer, etc...

Thats about as much time as I have to make art these days! You? Thoughts?

x am

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